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Aug 15, Pokhara.

Nagen Singh From Pokhara completed his Master’s degree in Fine Arts from Tribhuvan University. He is a recipient of Gold Medal in a title with Araniko Yuba Kala Puraskar, Western Regional Award at National Exhibition organized by Nepal Academy of Fine Arts Etc. On the occasion of Gai Jatra and Krishna Janmashtami, 11th solo painting exhibition is being held in Pokhara from Augest 11th to 22th 2022 by world art traveler artist Nagen Singh.The exhibition features 21 artworks under the title “Cow” made from Alcohol Marker fluid by artist Nagen.This is the first time that World art traveler Singh’s artworks made using alcohol ink on Yupo paper will be exhibited individually.21 artworks have their own stories. Although each picture has many characteristics, the message is the same, cow protection.Nagen Singh, an artist who prefers to experiment with new things, has this time held his 11th solo art exhibition through the medium of Alcohol Marker fluid Art.

2 years ago, after the mother gave away our’s cow to Chhirkan’s sister, the barn was empty from then. Singh says that in the space of that one year, 21 artefacts of cows have been placed in this exhibition in memory of cow.

Artist Singh said that the importance of the cow cannot be overstated because it is the national animal of our country.

Senior Artist Mr. Hareram Joju is the founder of Alcohol Marker fluid Art (Loose technique), Smart Art . I have created this artwork with his guidance. – Nagen Singh

Artist Nagen has already had 10 solo painting exhibitions and more than 50 group painting Exhibitions.

Artist’s solo art exhibitions are “Beautiful Experience” in Lekhnath in 2061, “Magic of Lekhnath” in Pokhara in 2061,  “PASTHACHAP” in Kathmandu in 2061,  “My Rejected Art” Nepal Art Council in Kathmandu in 2067, “Erotic Landscape” The root of Human being, PSM Art Gallery in Pokhara in 2068, “Lekhnath Art Exhibition” in Pokhara in 2070, “Blue and Red Landscape” in Pokhara in 2071, “Seven Provinces Art Exhibition” Water Colour, Lions Club Of Lekhanath in Pokhara Art Gallery in 2074. In 2075, “Books with Arts” Himalayan Readers’ Corner in Pokhara in 2074 & “Nagen Arts Exhibition” Civil Engineering Student Society in Pokhara have been completed.

Based on the artist’s life, “Nagen’s Naked Craving” directed by Birendra Hamal has been staged in 2064.

World art traveler Nagen Singh has been spreading public awareness through art that artist is not an ornament of the nation, artist is an integral part of the country, an important part of the society and a beautiful part of the nation.

Artist Nagen demanded the government to establish a fine art development board for the development of art.

World art traveler Nagen Singh is a central member of  World Hindu Youth Union and Head of Department of Fine Arts.


नगेन न्यूज पब्लिकेशन प्रा. लि. द्वारा संचालित यो अनलाईन डिजिटल पत्रिका हो । बि.सं. २०७२ साउन ११ गते देखि औपचारीक संचालित यो अनलाइनले मूलत शान्ति, पर्यटक, कला प्रबन्धन र समसामयीक समाचार प्रकाशन गर्दै आईरहेको छ ।
नगेन न्यूजको अनलाईन टिभी पनि संचालित छ । फेसवुक, ट्विटर, भाइवर, इन्स्टाग्राम टिकटकमा पनि हामी संग जोडिन सक्नु हुनेछ । जय कला क्रान्ति !!!
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